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Do you use online translators to impress you foreign customers and to chat up the talent in Budapest! Beware!! On-line translators can get you into an awful lot of trouble!!! For often what you end up saying is far from what you mean to say. We have translated some common English phrases into other languages then back to English. The results are somewhat surprising! Check these out:
Christmas Greetings
My wife has taken a heart attack. Please rush her to the hospital while I look for her life insurance policy.
The elevator is jammed between floors. Quick, rescue my husband, he is stuck in there with three bikini clad models.
Excuse me, is this a nudist beach or are you just a filthy old flasher?
That girl wearing the leather mini is a real doll but her mate has a face like the back end of a bus.
Was your father an alien? Because there's nothing else like you on earth!
No, Iím not pissed! Now, stop swaying about, and help get this vomit of my shirt.
Do you have a map? I just keep on getting lost in your eyes.
Right mate, try to chat up my bird one more time, and Iíll have your guts for garters.
My husband has been taken to the police station for being drunk and disorderly. Will you please telephone a solicitor.
I have a strange rash on my private parts and would like you to give me a penicillin injection.
Manager, there are flees in my bed and my bum is completely covered in bites.
Although your mother is a fat pig and your father a Mafia hit-man I would like to marry you.
Divorce your evil, detestable husband. Let us elope and in some far off island paradise create a new and fantastic life together.
That was a fantastic night of hot passionate love, you are the most gorgeous girl I have ever met Ė remind me of your name.
I would rather eat a bucket full of slimy slugs than have sex with you!
Hi sweetheart, how about coming back to my place to see my little puppies?
Remember last month you got me smashed then got me involved in a kinky threesome? Well Iíve got a bun in the oven and itís yours!
How do I love thee? Elizabeth Barrett Browning
I wandered lonely as a cloud - William Wordsworth
Mary had a little lamb
Little Bo Peep


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