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Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep,  

And doesn’t know where to find them.  

Leave them alone,

and they'll come home,

Wagging their tails behind them. Chinese

Little Bo peeped at lost her sheep, with did not know discovered them in where. Remains for them alone, and they future the family, will swing their tail after them. German

Little Bo view lost and does not know its sheep, where one finds her. If you let it come alone and them head, dare-went their end pieces behind them.  Japanese

A little the peek of Bo it loses her sheep in order to find those, does not know somewhere. If those are shot, the servant, their tails are shaken with those rear.   Korean

In order to discover them Bo to where the crying sound it loses her sheep, it does not know. It will neglect them and it will help, the family and their tail after them will shake the n. which


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Ch = Chinese Du = Dutch Fr = French Ge = German 

Gre = Greek It = Italian Ja = Japanese Ko = Korean 

Po = Portuguese Ru = Russian Sp = Spanish


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