Weird Web Sites - Weird Translations Right mate, try to chat up my bird one more time, and Iíll have your guts for garters.

WL Fr 

The right companion, the test to cause to the top of my bird more once, and me will have your entrails for jumpers.

WL Ge 

Right assistant, the attempt, to up bird too chat a further mark and I mean have your entrails for sock volumes.

WL Ru 

Right mating part, attempt, it is which necessary to have a talk upward on my bird one more than time, and 4 we will have your guts for the garters.

WL Ko 

The right side colleague, me the bird with the high piece 1 hours compared to the examination will discuss, and I the garters will be the hazard your internal organs.

WL Po 

It kills it right, the attempt chat above of my bird one more time, and I they will have its guts for garters.


The suitable companion, the attempt to chat upon my bird a plus time, and I they will have its gut for the leagues.

Tru Ru 

The correct assistant, try to stir my bird once again, and I shall have your guts for garters.

Tru Sp 

Right partner, attempt of flirting with my bird one more time, and I will have his intestines for leagues.


Codes Used:








Ch = Chinese Du = Dutch Fr = French Ge = German 

Gre = Greek It = Italian Ja = Japanese Ko = Korean 

Po = Portuguese Ru = Russian Sp = Spanish


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