Weird Web Sites - Weird Translations Divorce your evil, detestable husband. Let us elope and in some far off island paradise create a new and fantastic life together.


Divorcíe its evil husband, detestable. Elope and in some distant rejection leaves us paradise of the console to create together a new and fantastic life.

DI Sp 

Divorce its evil, hateful husband. Elope and in a certain dull distant spot paradise of the island we create a new and fantastic together life.


Separate your angry, infamous spouse. Our elope omit and in one or other much island paradise create together new and fantastic to live.

DI It 

Divorces your diabolic husband and detestable. Elope and in a sure one far away outside paradise of the island we generate one new and fantastic life together.

DI Ko 

You divorce the bad, very unpleasant husband. Us love each other and me make sweetly and the what kind of fall far and and together inside the island paradise the new annular life create.


DI Ch 

Is evil with you, extremely hateful husband divorce. Let our elope and create new and the unexpected life together in some island heaven.


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Ch = Chinese Du = Dutch Fr = French Ge = German 

Gre = Greek It = Italian Ja = Japanese Ko = Korean 

Po = Portuguese Ru = Russian Sp = Spanish


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