Weird Web Sites - Weird Translations Hi sweetheart, how about coming back to my place to see my little puppies?

WL Po 

Hi sweetheart, as on coming back my place to see my younglings of dog small?

WL Ge 

Hello treasure, how over returning to my place to see to my small puppies?

WL Ja 

Today how the sweetheart concerning comes returning to my place which looks at the puppy where I am small?

WL Ko 

Goodbye B it is small it sees the pup and it returns regarding it delays in my place, to be how?


It In love Hi, like approximately the return to my small place in order seeing mine puppies?

WL Ch 

Feeds the sweetheart, how comes back sees my small puppy to my place?


Codes Used:








Ch = Chinese Du = Dutch Fr = French Ge = German 

Gre = Greek It = Italian Ja = Japanese Ko = Korean 

Po = Portuguese Ru = Russian Sp = Spanish


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