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Translate from English : Excuse me, is this a nudist beach or are you just a filthy old flasher?


WL Ko 

Under forgiving which will carry boil, does this does happen the naked body attention sleeping seashore or the political party free impure is long does become automatic blinking system which spreads out?

WL Sp 

It excuses to me, he is this nudist beach or you are right you an old revolting intermittent switch?

WL Fr 

this a nudist do you excuse to me are beach or are right an old disgusting flashing indicator?

WL Ge 

Me, are excuse this a nudist beach, or are fair you a dirty old lightning giver?

WL Po 

Forgive me, are it this one nudist beach or are you just one blink-you blink old filthy?


WL Ja 

I am permitted, this is the nudist beach or being impure exactly, it is the old flasher?


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Ch = Chinese Du = Dutch Fr = French Ge = German 

Gre = Greek It = Italian Ja = Japanese Ko = Korean 

Po = Portuguese Ru = Russian Sp = Spanish


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