International Association of Fully Clothed Naturists

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Meet our members.

The International Association of Fully Clothed Naturists has over three hundred thousand members worldwide - all active practitioners of non nude naturalism.

As we build up this new website we will introduce you to many of our members - below are just a few.


MEMBER NAME:  Elle Ovabadie

HOBBY:  Teasing men

OCCUPATION:  Assistant Associate Sewage Inspector

QUOTE:  “I am very, very shy. Thats why I could never be seen in public without my clothes on. But I do like to tease!'

More Pictures

MEMBER NAME:  Bertha Hubbard

HOBBY:  Lice destruction; spewing bile

OCCUPATION:  Telemarketer

QUOTE:  “For the first time in years, people no longer assume I’m a moronic harlot simply because of the way I’m dressed.  Now they can find it out after attempting to engage in conversations with me involving words with more that two syllables!  Thanks, IAFCN!”


MEMBER NAME:  Ann “Big-Ann” Schuessler

HOBBIES:  Reading; calligraphy; testing automatic assault rifles 

OCCUPATION:  Librarian and part tip lap dancer

QUOTE:  “I was devastated when my job relocated me Canada, where I feared the chilly temperatures would bring my nudist existence to a screeching halt.  But now, as a member of IAFCN, I’m warm all over.  Eh?”

MEMBER NAME:  Lisa Alvarez

HOBBIES:  Drag racing

OCCUPATION:  Mother of septuplets

QUOTE:  “With seven children, I often lack the energy, the time, or simply the will to fully dress myself.  After joining my local chapter, I have now found the perfect excuse:  It’s because I am a proud member of the International Association of Fully Clothed Naturists, fully supportive of their ideals, goals, and mission statement.  I guess.”


MEMBER NAME:  David McAfee

HOBBIES:  Shopping; stealing pens

OCCUPATION:  Accountant

QUOTE:  “Enjoying my days (and nights!) as a Fully Clothed Naturalist truly allowed my feminine side to burst through.  I never knew life was so revealing!”



HOBBIES:  Birdwatching; ovulating

OCCUPATION:  Systems analyst (claimed for tax purpose); prostitute (actual)

QUOTE:  “My work life has become so much more enjoyable ever since I began insisting on practicing my nudism with my clothes on.  My pimp—my BOSS, I mean, my boss—has never been unhappier, which is excellent, as he is a sot.”


MEMBER NAME:  Rainbow Smith

HOBBIES:  Avoiding verifiable contributions to society

OCCUPATION:  Like, not hating, man

QUOTE:  “Ohhhhhhhh, we, like, don’t wear clothes?  While wearing clothes?  Crazy.”


MEMBER NAME:  Melanie Mynee

HOBBIES:  teasing men by wearing sexy mini skirts and short dresses; eating

OCCUPATION:  tattoo artist

QUOTE:  “clothes should reveal, not conceal - that's why I'm a member of the International Society for Fully Clothed Nudists.”










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