International Association of Fully Clothed Naturists

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What is Naturism?

International Association of Fully Clothed Naturists - seems like a contradiction in terms! How can you be clothed and yet nude?

Before I answer that question let me explain why nudism is not possible for everyone who wishes to be free of the restriction of clothes. There are many reasons why people who would like to be nudist simply can't fulfil their dreams:

  • They are too shy to be seen in public nude.

  • Local custom or laws do not allow nudism.

  • They live in a region where it's too cold to go around nude.

  • They are just too damn ugly to appear naked in public.

 It was to help people like this that the International Association of Fully Clothed Naturists was established in 1992. Though the work of this society it became possible to be a naturist yet still wear clothes.

How can you be nude with your clothes on?

Nudity is not just a state of dress - it is also a state of mind. It is very easy to follow the principals of naturism yet have a pair of red Wellington boots on! Simply thing nude!

Many of our members spend there whole day completely nude - yet nobody notices or minds. They can have breakfast with the family, go shopping or go to the office while practising nudism - yet simply because they have clothes on they do not get cold, offend old ladies or get thrown into prison for indecency.

What clothes do naturists wear?

Fashions for naturists change just as regularly as normal fashion so there is always plenty of variety. Some people like to dress down to enhance their pleasure at being nude. Here are some tips from our fashion advisor:

  • Whenever possible do not wear underwear
  • Wear very short mini skirts
  • From charity shops, buy retro fashion sixties hot pants.
  • Men should avoid wearing long trousers - shorts are acceptable - even to the office.
  • Loose clothing give a greater feeling of nudity
  • Flesh coloured clothes make you look naked
  • See through clothes make you feel sexy without revealing too much.


Meet our Members - click on picture

Where can you practice fully clothes nudism?

Once you have dressed up in your new naturist clothing you will be keen to get out and about to enjoy your new found freedom. But where can you go? Well the great thing about being a Fully Clothed Naturists is that you can go virtually anywhere! You will be accepted in pubs, clubs, restaurants, shops, museums, art galleries - the list is endless. So get your kit on and have FUN.

How to join the International Association of Fully Clothed Naturists

The association is now active in more than 60 countries so it is very likely that there is a branch near you. So please come along to meet kindred spirits and to find out about member activities in your area.


For more information contact smm2424(at)yahoo.com.




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