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The Purrfect Birthday or Christmas Present!!

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The following patrons proudly accept your IAFCN membership card for entry, discounts, free gifts, or sanctuary in intergalactic warfare:


-James’ Pubful Pub, Fish ‘n’ Chips, and Chap Emporium, UK:  Identify yourself as a member of IAFCN for a free pint.*


-All IAFCN ladies will enjoy a 10% discount on purchases at all participating Zane’s department stores.**


-Your IAFCN card provides you free access to any and all IAFCN-sponsored events.***


-Bob’s Chili in Kansas City, USA, will gladly serve all IAFCN members a free dish of soda crackers with each meal.****


-Our partners at Permanently Delayed Airlines offer double Frequent Flier Miles to all IAFCN members.*****



* Of tap water.


**As long as the item is already 10% off.


***But we reserve the right to kick you out of you are particularly malodorous that day.


****No restrictions on this one.  It’s a dish of damn soda crackers.  They’re banking on the assumption that you’re so gullible you’ll be reigned in by free crackers, which cost all of four cents, that you’ll spend $28.50 on their One-Man Feast Entrée.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 


*****As long as you’re traveling from Panama to Iceland at 2:14 in the morning with one piece of carry on luggage and are willing to make eighty-seven stops in between and accept the fact that you are going to be riding in the little compartment where they keep the landing gear.  A grip bar will be provided in the event the landing gear must be extended before making a final approach.


For more information contact smm2424(at)yahoo.com.




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