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Ghost Pictures - see the ghost of ELVIS on the moon.

Ghost stories - true ghost stories

Horoscope Online : Nothing is more bizarre than the future turning out as you expect.

Funny Jokes for You - Crazy jokes by an equally crazy

Magic spells and potions - a must visit site.

Talk like a PIRATE - A MUST VISIT SITE Prepare for National talk like a pirate day - September 19th !!!

Pointless Sites - Just as it says on the label!!
BoreMe - this site definitely will not!
A weird guy looking for your money
Pub Toilets dot com - a guide to UK Public House Lavatories!

Jack of Clubs - the clue is in the title!

Funny Jokes for You - Crazy jokes by an equally crazy

Nerd Squad - spot the nerd if you dare

Eve - The Novel - a must visit site

Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers : They are man and they look like Kenny Rogers 

The Institution of Silly and Meaningless Sayings : As it says on the label

Parody Pages : Some very bizarre parodies and insane humour 

Cheesy-Wotsits : Humour to waste an hour . . or two . . or three . . .

Rocky Horror : More than you'll ever need to know about the Rocky Horror Show.

Boxwars : Where cardboard boxes do battle.

WebTruck : Drive a truck or crane online.

Order Weather : The only place on the internet where you can select your weather.

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