A Poem - Not by Robert Burns the famous Scottish Bard 

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My Love is Like A Red, Inflatable Dart Board

I tried and tried to make it work
To write one just like Rabbie
The more I tried the worse it got
Until I got quite crabbie.

I was inspired it went like this, It really started fine…
Wee iridescent, sunlit petal
In translucent, shimmering red
Glistening hues of many colours
That was enough! I went to bed.

I tried again another day. It started off much better…
Wee, vacillating, bouncing blossoms
Near vibrant, windswept and thorny
Your beauty never fails you
My God! …It’s getting corny.

Tae try again might be a virtue. It didn’t get much worse…
Wee, Luminous, flowery petal
Idyllic repose, through wind and rain
In shimmering, reflective metal
I give up! But lo' yea still the same.

This "Poem" was written anonymously by Douglas Brown, full time Baxi-Burner Gas Central Heating Pilot Light and part time infuriating humorist. It is thus copyright of Lennox Palace Lunatic Asylum (2003) and may not be used without a yellow polka-dot tie. Douglas is 84.


CopyWrong Douglas Brown  















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