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"A Warriors Echo"

From time through time
The days gone by
A warriors echo
A new born baby's cry.

Horizons of Science
Frontiers of the sky
Lighting the darkness
We know not why?

Alone on a void
Life stands for right
Standing together
Standing to fight

Weapons and wilderness
Sorrow and grief
Perhaps tomorrow
Is just a belief!

We all have a Heaven
Creating a Hell
One life for another
Can all, be well?

Fighting for love
Maiming for grief
Killing for good
or another belief?

But why for a moment
When life would be good
Does a devil endeavour
Himself to include?

To fight for a God
Doesn't make sense
To kill for his Glory
His love is intense

Anon (DB 1997) (40ish)

Douglas Brown, full time Baxi-Burner Gas Central Heating Pilot Light and part time infuriating humorist, care of Lennox Palace Lunatic Asylum would like to remain anonymous. Any work written by me and which may be placed here ..... by the unusually late Stuart Macfarlane (once famous author and bespoke beach bum) and that such work for which it may be claimed by the aforesaid or others .... to be mine ..... is therefore NOT... and that I declare that I have never been related to anyone either living or dead .... and that I am purely fictional .... and that any work which I have written and provided was NOT under any circumstances by me .... unless any publisher wishes to use said work of mine ..... which until then remains absolutely and completely anonymous. 
Not by the author Douglas Brown who is 40ishishishishish























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