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It's sad but true - people search the internet for some pretty bizarre things!

Okay - admittedly - this site is called, but even so the keywords that have been used to find our site can be pretty odd! Our counter, provide a lot of useful information - including the term used to find us on google, AOL, yahoo etc. For your amusement we have created a list of the top bizarre search terms that have been used to find this website - enjoy!!


Search Term used to find Comment
children's information picture of guru nanak Damn - we overlooked this. Never mind we have now made up for our incompetence by adding the picture below.

weird japanese facts

Not satisfied with the above some idiot searched for : japan facts that are weird and funny

Okay, you asked for it. Weird Japanese fact Number 1 : Stomach cancer strikes the Japanese eleven times more frequently than Americans
free retirement speech template Pay us £1000 and we will produce a free retirement speech template.
free funny retirement poem Dear Mr / Mrs search-person, We have created this poem just for you.

The day has come, and come it must,

When (insert name) must go,

Isn't life unjust,

After (insert number) of years,

Of toil and strife,

He now must spend,

Long days with the wife!


dead people accidents foto You are SICK !!!! Get of my website.
Clean Wedding Humour A few more:

Marriage is not a word. It's a sentence....(a life sentence!).

A little kid asks his Dad, "Daddy, how much does it cost to get married?"
"No idea," replied the Father, "I'm still paying for it..."

Marriage is a 3-ring circus - engagement ring, wedding ring and Suffering.

animal that starts with the letter T Have you tried tiger or tortoise or turtle or toad or EVEN pterodactyl ?!?!
retirement humor for secretary Was that for Mary or Betty or Anne? Give us a clue.
wicked weasel people photos Now this guy sure is strange. But we are here to please - so here is a weasel (ferret) dressed up as Santa Clause.

jokes about soup How about this one. Why did the soup cross the road? Because it was chicken soup.
ugly web sites What a cheek!!! suggesting our website is UGLY
free funny toilet clipart We hate to disappoint :

Santa Clause Fun Websites online for free Who is Santa Clause?
Sublime Directory


Characterized by nobility; majestic.

Of high spiritual, moral, or intellectual worth.

Not to be excelled; supreme. Inspiring awe; impressive.

Archaic. Raised aloft; set high.

Obsolete. Of lofty appearance or bearing; haughty: “not terrible,/That I should fear... /But solemn and sublime” (John Milton).

So Weird-Websites is DEFINITELY NOT a sublime directory.

bunny photo You choose :

Priceless photo spoofs  
I.Q tests for dumb people Try notMENSA
funny italian turkey free greeting ecard Are you JOKING - what website is going to have "funny italian turkey free greeting ecard"
top names for pet chickens Here are a few: Dinner, Fried, Stuffed.
free IQ tests for children  Try notMENSA
religious happy birthday sayings How about, "God wishes you a happy birthday"
bunny sayings  
chiense cat song How about, "Meow mmeow meeeeohh meoww" - I tried this one on my cat and it almost peed itself laughing
barbie driving photos Barbie doesn't drive - she's an alcoholic.
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