Gates to Heaven Riddle 

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Gates to Heaven Riddle



Stuart died and was met at the gates to heaven by St. Peter, “Stuart,” declared Pete “you have not exactly led a very good life. You swore, blasphemed and had some really awful thoughts.”


 “However,” Pete continued, “I am willing to give you a chance of entering heaven. Before you are two doors. One leads to heaven. The other leads to hell. In front of each door is an angel. One always tells the truth. The other always lies. You have no idea which angel is in front of which door. You can ask one of the angels one question to determine the doorway to heaven.”


Which angel should Stuart ask? What question should he ask?














The Solution


Stuart can ask either angel the following question:-


“If I ask the other angel if she is at the gate of heaven will she say yes?”


If the angel says “yes” Stuart should enter.

If the angel says “no” Stuart should enter the other door.
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