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Take part in the worlds first Online Telepathy Experiment.


Carefully follow the instructions below and I will read your mind and tell you your answer:


* Think of a number between 2 and 9


* Multiply the number by 9


* Add the two digits together


* Subtract 5 from the number you now have


* Convert the number into a letter -

1 = a

2 = b

3 = c 



* Think of a European Country starting with that letter


* Now think of the second letter of that country


* Think of an animal that starts with that letter

(This must be an animal - not a bird - so if you are thinking of an eagle think again!)


* What colour is your animal?


** Now concentrate carefully on your answers 


** Check below to see if I have read your mind  














What you are thinking

You are thinking of a grey elephant that comes from Denmark.


Now try this on all your friends



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