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Japan hacking contest scrapped

Special to ZDNet India,

July 28, 2003


A hacking contest has been cancelled in Japan after critics blasted it for promoting criminal activity, according to a report from news agency the Associated Press.


The contest, scheduled in August, would have teams of students trying to hack into each others computers while protecting their own. It was organized by the Ministry for Economy, Trade and Industry, which wanted to raise awareness of security.

But after the ministry received a storm of protest from industry and educational institutions, the contest was cancelled, said the report.


In Japan, hacking into computer systems or downloading files without authorization can lead to a year in prison or a fine of US$4,200. The contest would have used a variety of platforms, including Linux and Windows 2000.


Earlier this month, a hacker group announced that it was holding a hacking contest, but results of that venture have been uncertain, leading several security experts to label it a hoax put out by troublemakers.


In order to appease the thousand of disappointed hackers, when the government cancelled this contest, they allegedly organised a few other competitions:-   


Smuggle Cannabis Contest

Sections for under 12s and newcomers.


Shoot a Neighbour Competition

Sections for guns, cannons, and nuclear missiles.


Burn Down a Building Day

Open to professional and amateur arsonists.
















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