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Here are the facts you need to know if you want to join the Mafia


Mobspeak – Mafia Terms

Crime is on the increase as is now affecting every single person in every town and village throughout the country. A clear sign that wickedness is everywhere is that recently, the tiny hamlet of Chippen Camden, two old age pensioners had to imprisoned after being caught jaywalking. This is clearly the start of a downward trend - soon the country will be overrun with organised criminals. Before long the only way to be safe will be to join one of the many Mafia Families.  Now  is the time to prepare - learn some Mobspeak.


administration: the top members of the Family, composed of the boss, underboss, and consigliere. You will take orders from these guys.

associate: at first you will work for the Family as an associate. Only if you prove yourself will you be sworn in as a full member.

babbo: An underling who is considered to be useless – avoid becoming one of these or your days may be numbered..

books, the: expression for membership of the Family – for obvious reasons no records are actually kept. When a member dies the books are ‘opened’ – this is your change of becoming a member.

boss: the head of the Family – the Don.  He has the ultimate say in all important decisions and has the power to decide that a person, such as you,  should be terminated.

broken: when a member is demoted in rank.

button: a Mafia ‘soldier’.

Capo -- A Captain in the family.

Capo di tutti capi: The Big Boss – the boss of the strongest Family.

chased: to be expelled from the family. If you commit a minor offence against the Family you will be chased – anything more serious risks extermination.

cleaning: the act of covering your tracks to ensure that you’re not being followed.

clip: from time to time you will be asked to ‘clip a person’ – this means eliminating him.

clock: to keep a person under surveillance.

comare: a Mafia mistress – never cavort with the Don’s comare.

Commission, The: a committee composed of the main Mafia Families

consigliere: the counsellor to the boss – this guy handles all disputes within the ranks.

contract: when you join you may be given a contract. This differs from the normal employment contract in that it an assignment for you to kill someone.

Cosa Nostra: Italian for "this thing of ours," - the Mafia.

cugine: a young ambitious gangster who wants to climb the ranks of power.

Double-decker coffin: A coffin, which has a secret lower compartment used to dispose of a victim. The ‘legal’ corpse goes and top and the two bodies buried together.

enforcer: a member of the Family entrusted to ensuring fulfilment of deals by threats and if necessary killing.

ice: If asked for ‘ice’ don’t go to the refrigerator – this is yet another request for you to kill someone.

make a marriage: don’t get romantic if told ‘to make a marriage - to bring two parties together for to ‘do some business’

hitting the mattresses, not a time for sleeping. This involves going to war with a rival Family.

meat eater: a bent cop.

Omertá: the code of silence you will have to swear when you join the Family.

piece: this will become your ‘best friend’ - your gun.

pinched: to be arrested – avoid this it losses you Brownie points from the Don..

rat: a member who violates the Omertá. Rats seldom survive for long. 

Turban :  " Give him a turban." Means to crack his head open.

shylock:  a person who lends money at an extortionate rate of interest.

Juice: The interest paid on a loan.             

Young Turk: A young defiant Mafia member.

Zips: A derogatory term American Mafiosi's use for the Sicilian Mafiosi.



Russian Mafia

Business need to be international nowadays and the crime business is no different. In order to work with your Russian counterparts you must know some important terms.

bandity:   a word used by the police when referring to hoodlums.

blat:    a contact who has power and influence – such as a corrupt cop or government official..

blatnoi:  a term used by hoodlums when referring to themselves

byki  bodyguards

dan:   protection money

fartsovchik:   a person who carries out black-market deals on street-corners

gastralyor:   a criminal from another city

grokhnut:   to kill

limoni:   one million rubles.

maslinichnii mak:   drugs.

mussor:  Means garbage and is a term used to describe policemen.

pakhan:   a  gang boss.

patsani:   a young gang member.

posadit' na piku:   to stab someone

prishli mne kapustu:   means ‘send me the cabbage’ and is an expression used if someone owes you money

razborka:   to settle an accounts – usually by violent means.

shpana:   a group of yobbos.

suki:   means bitches – a term used to describe traitors.

torpedo:   a contract killer.

vzyat:   to take bribes.

zamochit:   means ‘to piss on’ – to kill by beating.

zapodlo:   carry out shady dealings


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