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I’ve discovered the perfect sponge cake recipe for the chocoholic connoisseur. Take 2 kg of flour, 1 kg of sugar, 8 eggs and 5 kg of chocolate. Mix the flour, sugar and eggs in a bowl until smooth and creamy. Then throw the vile mix away and enjoy eating all that gorgeous chocolate.



Forget flowers and perfume. For a really romantic present buy your sweetheart a box of the finest chocolates. Not only will she be delighted but as chocolates are a powerful aphrodisiac you’re guaranteed a night of unforgettable passion. Most importantly you’re sure to get to eat at least half of the chocolates.



Heaven is a full box of coffee creams and a huge mug of warm drinking chocolate.


I consider myself to be a real connoisseur of chocolate. From a single sniff I can tell the region where the beans were grown, the vintage, the manufacturer and even the name of the lady who lovingly wrapped each bar. And the eat-by date? I know for a fact that it will never be later than tomorrow.



On a Friday evening as a special treat I like to indulge myself by having a chocolate binge. I begin with a huge helping of sumptuous chocolate ice-cream, follow it up with lots of velvety chocolate mousse and finish with sinfully rich chocolate truffles and an exhilarating mug a hot chocolate. There’s just no better way to start the weekend.






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