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I would never advocate having chocolate in moderation Ė thatís about as useless as having sex with all your clothes on. No Ė if youíre going sin do it properly. Only an orgy of chocolate could possibly provide the satisfaction you crave.


Itís a well known fact that absence makes the heart grow fonder and it would benefit all chocolate lovers to choose one day of the year when they totally abstain from eating or drinking any form of chocolate. Personally I suggest the 29th of February as the ideal date.



You can be certain that youíre obsessed with chocolate if while your eating one chocolate bar youíre dreaming about the next.


Champagne is the poor manís drinking chocolate.


Chocolate is more desirable than sex Ė whoís ever heard of an eighty year old thatís not capable of having chocolate?



Much of the pleasure of eating chocolate is in the anticipation. That magical time between unwrapping your chocolate treat and actually partaking of its pleasures. The waiting is an important part of the ceremony and, to gain maximum enjoyment, must be cultivated. My personal best is 2.2 seconds.






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