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Romance : The art of slowly and seductively unwrapping your chocolate bar.

Diet : Cutting down from twelve to eleven chocolate gateaux per day.

Recipe : A formula to ensure that chocolate is included in everything from baked potatoes to onion soup.

Self Control : Saving half your box of chocolates until 'later'.

Ultimate Act of Generosity : Grudgingly giving someone a square of your precious chocolate.

Love : A passionate need for another. Many believe that true love is only possible with one chocolate bar at a time.

Unrequited Love : When your chocolate cake just doesn't seem to care about you any more.

Aphrodisiac: Chocolate covered oysters served with chocolate flavoured champagne.

Chocophobia : The totally logical fear that the world will run out of chocolate.

Glutton : Anyone who refuses to share with you.

Affair : Having a wonderful time with one chocolate ice cream while another is patiently waiting in the fridge.

Sex Appeal : Being so 'hot' that you cause chocolate to melt at first glance.






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