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You know you’re a chocoholic if :

Your favourite wine is Cocoa Cuvee Brut.

You only ever bathe in hot chocolate.

You fall asleep by counting chocolate sheep jumping a chocolate fence

You have a tendency to melt in hot weather

You name your children Nestle and Lindt.

You have a huge collection of chocolate bar wrappers.

You judge people by the type of chocolate they eat.

You have panic attacks when down to your last ten bars.

You receive volume discounts from your suppliers.

Your recipe for choc chip cookies has only one ingredient - chocolate.

You wear essence of cocoa perfume on special occasions.

You spend more time planning chocolate extravaganzas than planning your career.

You campaign to have a national holiday created to commemorate the discovery of cocoa.

You consider ‘Death by Chocolate’ the only way to go.

You eat an entire batch of newly baked brownies before they have time to cool.



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