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eBay 2

Shorts The fat man’s shorts are up for sale!
Own a family Have your own moaning relations for a full year
Your Virginity Lost it? Get it back!!
Weird Friend Jimmy will play with you!
Cheap Weird Friends Two for the price of one.
Help Save a starving student from the ultimate humiliation - having to study.
Me Buy me (This is not actually me – but another me)
Do business with me   Cos I' such an amiable person I need to sell myself on eBay auctions
My life story Once upon a time there were three bores . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Ad-head  Use my head to advertise - cos I'm not using it for anything else!
Man A man for sale.
Woman Not man!
Shaun’s hair No -  Shaun is out of his brain!!!!!!
My Imaginary Friend For an imaginary Paypal payment??
My Phone Number Call me hunny (or any other name provided you bid)

Virginity 1 

Losing it.
Virginity 2  Losing it again.
Two headed baby   Twice as cute.
The Internet  Yes YOU can own the whole of the internet!!!
Scottish Heritage  Irn Bru For You - your other national drink!
No Idea  This idiot does not know what she is selling!!
The Little Book of Stress : Packed with practical suggestions that will raise your blood pressure, stoke up that tension and drive you totally crazy!

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