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Articles on laser hair removal                            

Laser Hair Removal: Am I a Good Candidate? What Do I Need to Know?
Stephen Van Zant

How Laser Hair Removal works

A laser emits an invisible beam that penetrates the skin around the hair. Because of the dark pigments in the hair, the energy from the laser is absorbed into the hair. The energy from the laser converts into heat, damaging the function of the hair, and the ability for the follicle to grow hair.

Why Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a fast and effective way to remove hair. It can treat large areas rapidly. Over a period of time all the targeted hair becomes deteriorated and the hair ceases to grow.

How often do I have to get the laser hair removal procedure done?

An (indicative) number of sessions

Intervals in between each session

Face                     6 sessions               2-3 months

Upper lip              6 sessions              1,5-2,5 months

Chin                      5 sessions              2 months

Forearm                4 sessions              2-3 months

Back                     4 sessions               2-4 months

Chest                    4 sessions               2-3 months

Underarm              6 sessions               2-3 months

Bikini                     4 sessions                2-2,5 months

Thighs                    4 sessions               2-4 months

Legs                      4 sessions                 2-3 months


Am I a good candidate for laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal, while safe when done correctly can cause the skin to burn. The energy from the laser is targeted by color. Darker colors attract more of the laserís energy. This becomes a problem for people whoís skin color is close to the color of their hair. The laser energy is no longer just absorbed into the hair follicle, but is absorbed into the skin as well, which can cause burning, scarring and damage.

The larger the difference or contrast between the color and your skin, the better a candidate you are for laser hair removal.

What areas can I treat with Laser Hair Removal?

Any area on the body is treatable, except for close to the eye area. The most common area are the face, upper lip, chest, periareolar, underarms, back, chest, abdomen, bikini area, and legs.

The difference between Laser hair removal and pulsed light treatment

Pulsed light treatment is not actually a form of laser. Using intense high energy light it produces the same effect as laser hair removal. These devices are harder to adjust to each patientís skin and hair type and therefore require larger expertise to use than laser hair removal.

Adverse reactions to laser hair removal

The worst case scenario with laser hair removal is damage to the surrounding skin. This can result in pigment changes in the skin. Skin may become lighter or darker. Change in skin color is usually temporary and fades after a few months. The darker oneís skin is the more susceptible they are to adverse reactions when undergoing laser hair removal.

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