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Colorful And Popular Hybrid Tea Roses

By Dana Noonan

The romantic long-stemmed rose is the instantly recognizable signature of hybrid teas, and it's what makes them the most popular variety of roses. Public gardens feature special sections devoted to roses, especially colorful hybrid teas. Home gardeners enjoy growing hybrid tea roses that make lovely floral arrangments. Florists love the Tiffany hybrid tea rose for its ability to stand up so well in bouquets. But despite the world famous renown of those fragrant hybrid tea roses, some expert gardeners say that you can't avoid the fact that they often require a great deal of care.

Some hybrid tea roses may be better suited to your area's weather and soil conditions than others. If your location has humid summers, you should be growing hybrid tea roses that resist mildew. Drier regions will demand your rose plants to have more vigorous root systems, to sufficiently sustain them against drought periods in addition to the necessary amount of hybrid tea rose care required. Varieties like the Blue Girl hybrid tea rose require quite a few treatments to fend off nasty diseases like blackspot.

While not generally recommended for colder climates, certain types such as the hybrid tea rose like the Terracotta offer hardier petals and last longer after cutting. Blooming big from late spring to fall, their colors darken from a chocolate shade in cool weather to a vibrant cinnamon on warm days! The Terracotta is one of the gently fragrant hybrid tea roses most suitable for cutting, as the scent won't be overpowering.

There are even more spectacular shades including the charming Vienna rose with its fruity orange on orange blend, or the lilac-toned Blue Moon rose that makes stunning floral arrangements with red and pink roses. The Elle hybrid tea rose, a 2005 AARS prizewinner, offers the most striking color combination of soft pink petals and a brilliant yellow undertone that makes this absolutely gorgeous flower, with its scent of citrus mixed with spice, a standout for your garden of hybrid tea roses!

Copyright 2005 Dana Noonan

About the Author: Dana is a seasoned web developer and webmaster. For more information about rose gardening, visit